I thought it’d be cool to share my weekend in a nutshell.These past three days have been filled with positive energy, and I love to reflect on them in a blog post.

Weekend Roundup

Movienight with the family.
Every family member was at home on Friday night. Which is a rare occasion. So we decided to watch The Smurfs. It felt so good to be together and do something we used to do when we were little kids.

Shopping in Maastricht (Small city in The Netherlands).
My parents needed some new clothes for their trip to Marrakech. I was happy to help them and shop some items for myself aswell. I’m sure you’ve already seen my new booties if you follow me on Instagram.

Valentine’s Date with my girls.

Valentines Day With The GirlsAll of my single girls got together on Valentine’s Day to spend the evening with the people we love, have some great food, and of course have a bit of a laugh about our single life.

These were the highlights of my weekend.
Do you like reading these kind of posts?

Of course there’s always the comment section for your own input. What were your weekend highlights?
I’d love to hear about them!

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