Beauty Essentials

This week I ran out of some of my hardcore beauty essentials, the essentials amongst my beauty essentials. By this I mean the products I simply cannot live without. I quickly went to my local beautyshop, in order to replenish on makeup and bring peace to my beautystash.

Although these products are not SUPER exciting, I am sharing these products with you! I mean, they’re still basics, don’t expect to see any superdeluxe eyeshadow palette in this list. 😉

Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush
I am a huge fan of the Real TechniquesBlush Brush, and lately I had been seeing the Expert Face Brush coming up in a lot of beauty videos. Since Real Techniques had already won my trust, I thought that this brush would be a great addition to my daily makeup routine. I use it to apply foundation, and it’s awesome! I really love it because it applies your liquid evenly and doesn’t create any streaks.

Rimmel – Stay Matte
I ran out of my Soap & GloryOne Heck Of A Blot. I bought this in London, fell in love with it, and it doesn’t sell in Belgium. So I bought the Rimmel powder, hoping it satisfy me enough. And I think I like it. The tint fits my skin well (however I would prefer a translucent powder), and it applies easy. I am still missing my Soap & Glory, but I’m sure I’ll get over it one day. 🙂

Maybelline – Dream Wonder Nude
This is the second time I bought this product. MaybellineDream Wonder Nude has become a huge essential in my daily makeup, and think I’ll buy it again after I used it up this time. When you first apply it to your face, it’s very liquidy, almost like water. But when you give it a rub, it gives you this nice powderlike finish, which gives your skin a soft look. It’s better than some of my more expensive foundations. I really like it.

2B – Long-lasting Eye Contour Pencil
Of course you cannot go without a basic eye pencil. I had no basic black left, so I repurchased this one I have been buying since I first using makeup. Needless to say I find this pencil perfect for everyday use. It goes on smoothly, and stays on for the rest of the day.

Voila, that were the products I repurchased (or added) to my beauty essentials.

What are your biggest beauty essentials?
Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Have a lovely day,
Amal Xx