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Today I took the time to give my skin some extra care, and I really want to share that routine with you! I call it “Skincare Routine 2.0”, because it’s not my daily routine, but an extension of it. I do this once in a couple of days. Read on if you’re looking to give your skin that extra care! 🙂

Skincare Routine Blog

I start my routine by taking off my makeup, using the M.A.C. cleanse off oil. After taking off the majority of my makeup, I use the L’Oréal Sublime Soft cleanser to take off remaining traces  of makeup.

Now I start to cleanse my (almost) clean skin with the Clinique liquid facial soap. My final step in cleaning my skin.

After cleaning my skin, I prepare my skin for a mask (today I used the Freeman Pomgrenate Peel-Off mask), I do this by giving my skin a nice scrub. I like to use the Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar mask to scrub my face. Yes, I know. It’s a mask. But I just like it more as a scrub, the consistency is so scrub-like. 🙂

After peeling off my mask, I apply my regular daycream to finish the routine and moisturize my skin.

I always use the Silk’n DualClean to clean my skin. It’s a cheap (19,99) version of the Clarisonic. I don’t know if it’s as good as the Clarisonic, simply because I can’t compare… But I think it’s a great alternative as it does its job well.

So, that was my Skincare Routine 2.0. What’s your Skincare Routine? 🙂


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