Wow, finally back to blogging after such a long time! I got so stuck into work that I couldn’t find a moment to sit back and write a little. But here I am know, finally writing an article for you again, and it feels so good!!

A couple of people asked me about the Q&A journal I instagrammed about a while ago, so I thought it would be nice to share a review with you.

This little journal caught my eye because of the lovely design and gold pages. I was immediately in love and the next day I found myself ordering it online! This pocked sized book shows you what’s in your head, each day, for a period of 5 years – through daily questions.
When you finish the journal (after 1 year), you have to start over… This will show you how your answers change/stay the same over the years.

I’ve tried to keep journals before, but a lot of times it felt awkward, because I didn’t know what to write about. That’s why I love the questions in this book! They bring up deep thought without even realizing it. And it doesn’t take too much time because you only have to write a few sentences a day. This way I feel like giving up is out of the question.

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It’s a nice thing to have, and easy to carry when you’re travelling, spending the night at someone else’s place, etc.

Do you write a journal?
Then please make sure to tell me how your experience has been so far! 🙂