In order to grow and improve in life, it’s important to set goals. They give so much direction to your life! Since we just said goodbye to 2015, and welcomed 2016, I want to share some objectives I’ve set to achieve this year. Writing down these goals, gives me the chance to reflect on them, and even though yours may be different from mine, I hope that this post will be a source of inspiration for you.

Hello 2016, Blogging and Life Goals


  1. Planning: I need to plan way more effectively. If I were a better planner, I wouldn’t be writing this article on the 2th of January, but instead have it already in my drafts before the end of 2015 and publish on the 31th of December. If you’re also looking to get better at planning your blog posts, I found a great free planner on I will be trying it out and hopefully it will be helpful.
  2. Photography: I really want to improve my blogging photography and find a consistent way of visualising. I’d love to succeed in sticking to one theme. This way I want to find my unique blogs image style.
  3. Blog design: This one goes hand in hand with my second goal. In order to have my own blogs image style, I’ll also need a blog design that’s “me” and goes well with the pictures I take and other content I post.
  4. Engagement: I’d really like to get to know the people that read my blog or follow me on social media. I want to find more ways to create engagement and really connect in many ways with all of you.
  5. Personal: I want my blog to be a bit more personal. You’ll see this in everything I will do on this blog. For example writing this post is way more personal content than I used to post. I don’t want to be a completely open book, but for sure I want my blog to reflect my personality.


  1. “Just Do It”: If you want to accomplish something in life, you should just do it! Like I already mentioned in my quotes to live by post, never is the right time. If you wait for the right time, you will just let go of the opportunity. I want to “just do it” a lot more than I do now. Just because I believe it creates more opportunities and makes you grow in many different ways.
  2. The French language: In 2016 I want my French to be better. I do speak French, but it is not as fluent as my English. Business wise being bilingual (Dutch/French) is majorly important in Belgium. Because I graduated and am getting into jobs, speaking French is becoming really important to me.
  3. Travel: To me, travelling is the best way to open your mind. You get in touch with different cultures/people, and learn a lot about life. In 2016 I definitely want to see more of Europe, and maybe visit at least one country in Asia.
  4. Read: Another great way to open your mind is reading. Reading actual novel books. It makes you go to different countries, centuries, lives, … some even nonexistent. But in your mind you’re there, you learn and get inspired. This year, I plan to read more often.
  5. Sleep: A sleep routine is key to great living. I will force myself to get up early and go to bed on time. I want to adopt to going to bed and getting up around the same time, every single day. Even in the weekends. 🙂

Voila, these were my goals. What are yours? I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve and wish you the best for 2016!

Xx Amal

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