Hello, it’s Amal,

and today I’m sharing a little change to my blog, that could have a big impact. I changed the name. If you were surfing to moroccanista.com, you must have already noticed that it redirects to helloitsamal.com

I changed the domain. Moroccanista.com no longer exists. It was really hard saying goodbye to my previous domain name, and it took me a long time to make a final decision, but why did I delete it exactly …?

It’s not because I’m changing my content. I will still be writing about beauty, fashion & lifestyle. And I will keep on implementing subjects coming from the Arab/Berber/Moroccan culture; I want to be there for people interested and looking for that content. And I still feel the urge to share those kind of articles.

It’s just that I want to do more with my blog. I want to go more personal with my posts and I feel like a new, more personal blog name, suits that content better.

I will offer the same “Moroccanista” has provided to you, “Hello, it’s Amal.” will just have a more personal approach (how more personal could I go with that blog name? :p).

After all, I am still the same person. Amal. So keep on passin’ by! 🙂

Xx Amal

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