This Sunday I am reviewing Aleeza Cosmetics’ Beauty Glowing Oil. I am happy that I can finally share my thoughts about this innovative product!

Aleeza Cosmetics Glowing Beauty Oi
Did you ever wonder how Berber women always have such amazing skin?

Amazigh Berber woman with facial tattoos
The founders of Aleeza Cosmetics did ask themselves that question a lot of times, and found their answer in Marrakech. Prickley Pear Seed oil is the secret ingredient that leaves these women with this flawless looking skin, even when aging. As a Dutch brand, based in Amsterdam, Aleeza Cosmetics provides us too the possibility of amazing skin. With Prickley Pear Seed oil (hand-pressed seeds by women’s cooperatives) as main ingredient, the Glowing Beauty Oil promises to give us a nourished, young looking, radiant skin.

My thoughts.

At first I was a bit scared of the many oils this serum contains. I have mixed skin, so I was a bit afraid that this product would leave my face looking oily. However, when I apllied the oil to my face, it didn’t feel greasy. It was more like a nourishing feeling, and my skin looked more radiant. I use this oil now as my daily moisturizer.

This product is 99,9% natural, and to me that’s amazing. I’m a big fan of natural products, as they are more gentle to the skin, are environmentally friendly and sustainable. On top of that this oil is hand-pressed by women’s cooperatives in Marrakeh, which to me is a huge pro. I love that these women were given a role in the production of this product.

Another positive asset about this product is that you only need a few drops per use. I feel like this 50 ml. bottle will go a looong way.

I truly recommend this product to anybody who is looking for a natural oil/serum that nourishes your skin and turns it radiant. I don’t know if this product will work for people with oily skin. On the package it says that it’s for all skin types. But that is something I couldn’t review for you, as my skin is not entirely oily.

I am very happy that this kind of product entered the beauty market, and I hope that this brand comes with more products soon! 🙂

You can order your own botlle here, Aleeza Cosmetics ships worldwide.
Price: € 39,95 for a bottle of 50 ml.

If you are looking to buy this product and have additional questions, you can always ask them in the comments. I will be happy to answer them for you!




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