Use these 10 tips & tricks to get a maximum dose of magic on your next Disney vacation!

Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle

1. Save wait time in queues

Don’t let a long line deter you. FASTPASS®, Single Rider Lines and Baby Switch are here to rescue! “What are those, and how will they help save time?”, you might ask yourself. Let me explain!

FASTPASS®: This is a free service that gives you the ability to use a faster line to a specific attraction.
How does it work?

Insert your Disneyland® Paris entry ticket into the FASTPASS®-machine, this is how you get your FASTPASS®. The access time is printed on your ticket. Plan your day around that time, visit other attractions during the waiting period, and make sure to be back on time at the amusement ride.

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Single Rider Line: Use this queue if you don’t mind riding the attraction solo. It will save you a lot of time, and if you are lucky, you will end up sitting with your friends after all.

Baby Switch: Having a baby/small child with you does not mean that you have to get back on the line. Simply “switch” your child and take turns riding.

2. Disney Dreams®

Disney Dreams® is for many the highlight of the day. This nighttime spectacular brings the most beautiful Disney Classics into one story, projected onto the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Fireworks, lights, lasers, fire, mist screens, and other special effects are used to enchant everyone’s eyess. Don’t miss out on this one! 🙂

3. Extra Magic Hours

Book your stay at a Disney® hotel and get access to one of the Disney Parks up to two hours in advance. This means that you can go take pictures with Mickey and ride some rides while others are not yet able to enter the Park.


4. Disney Village

You should definitely plan a trip to Disney Village. This is a place close to the Parks where entertainment, shops, restaurants, and bars stay open until late. The perfect place to hang out after Park hours. My fave spots are Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon and Disney Fashion!

5. Add even more magic!

Yes you can add yet another extra dose of magic to your trip! How? Plan your visit during one of the magical seasons, and find yourself in a completely transformed Disneyland® Paris. These are the different seasons:

  • Swing Into Spring
  • Frozen Summer Fun
  • Disney’s Halloween Festival
  • Disney’s Enchanted Christmas

Do you prefer to avoid the crowd? Try to plan your visit on weekdays (school holidays excluded), then there’s fewer people visiting.

Disney Swing into Spring

Tinkerbell Disney Swing into Spring

6. The best parade viewing spot

At the beginning of Main Street U.S.A.®, facing the Sleeping Beauty Castle, is where the parade will come towards you. The best view-point in my opinion! Also make sure to be there at least 30 minutes before the parade starts. I know that it sounds like a hard thing to do. But you will be able to see the parade from the perfect place, and will Mickey wave at you? Probably yes! 🙂

Note: This depends on which parade you will exactly be viewing, but this has usually been a great spot for me.

Disney Parade

8. Disneyland® Paris app

When you open this app, you get a live map of the Disney Parks with realtime information about waiting lines. It’s a perfect way to move arround the Parks according to waiting times.

This app also provides you with information about the different seasons, restaurants, boutique shops, etc.

9. Be prepared for the cold and the heat

When in France, it is possible to experience four seasons in one day. So be prepared! Bring a coat, sunglasses, an umbrella, sun protection, etc.


10. Transportation

If you come from far and are travelling by plane, I recommend that you arrange your transportation from the airport to Disneyland® Paris via Magical Shuttle. This way you won’t have to hustle between taxi-drivers at the airport and you will avoid being ripped off.

Disneyland® Paris is also easily accessible by TGV, Thalys, Eurostar and car! 🙂

Here you go, these were my tips for having an awesome time at Disneyland Paris!
Have you ever been to Disneyland® Paris? Then please tell us about your tips or how your trip has been!

*Share this article with family of friends that are joining you on your Disneyland® Paris vacation to get them even more excited! 🙂