There are tons of ways to find happiness, even when life treats you bad. It’s you who gets to decide whether you’ll feel bad for it or maintain your happiness. Here’s the reason why: you are in charge of how you feel. However, it’s not always easy to control your feelings… The following simple and easy tricks will help put a smile on your face. Even when life is a bit harsh on you:

Make a list of “first” songs

Think about the first singer you had a crush on, the first concert you went to, the first performer you adored, the first boy band you loved, … put them in a playlist and hit the play-button. Feeling better already? 🙂

Simple ways to find happiness

Help someone else

We all know someone who needs help with something. Reach out to them and offer your help. You can also help a charity. It will make you feel good, and it’s beneficial for the people you’re helping.

Write a gratitude list

Think about five things that you should be grateful for and write them down. They can be the smallest things ever, as long as you appreciate them. For example: you didn’t have to stop at a red light on your way to work today, or you got free lunch. Read them out loud and truly be thankful for them. It will automatically uplift your spirit.

How do you find happiness in a bad moment? Share your tips in the comments and help other readers out. ?